Situations || Self Para

Leanna walked back into her dorm, for once glad her roommate was never home. “What a whore!” She shouted, carefully examining the marks across her face. They didn’t hurt but they were deep enough to bleed a bit. She took pictures for reference in case her father decided he wanted to sue. With that thought, she realized that she should probably call him. Jeff Bennett would NOT take too well to someone fucking with him little girl. Pulling out her phone and channeling her emotions, she dialed the ever so familiar number. “Hi Daddy….” pause “No, everything’s not okay. Not at all. This entitled, rich girl hit me. No, it didn’t hurt…yes it left marks, I have pictures to send to you in case this gets legal.” She breathed heavily, as if she was crying. “She’s gonna try to get me expelled, even though she instigated everything. ‘Ruin me’, that what she said she’d do. I think she’s gonna try and dig up dirt on me. Doesn’t this make you glad that I’m such an open person? There’s nothing she can do, right, Dad?” Leanna didn’t want to get expelled. She couldn’t. Everything here was such a new beginning…it was something she was desperate for, and she’d be damned if she was going to lose it because of some slut who thought she owned everyone and everything.